About us

Welcome to the Cawaii Factory online store. 
This is the store of Cawaii Factory, a creative unit working on the theme of "living well with art".



Our first project under the unit name Cawaii Factory was to interview artists and creators, write about art and design, and edit for various media.



Art Books


We want to share the work of Japanese artists, photographers, and designers that we have come to know through our interviews, both widely and deeply! True Ring's publications can be purchased at this online store.


Artisan Bread


After we made the book, it occurred to us. We thought that it would be great to have good coffee and bread while reading a book. In 2014, with the help of people we met during our research and who were familiar with this field, We opened a bakery and coffee stand near our office in Hatchobori, Tokyo. The name of the store is Cawaii Bread & Coffee because it is a store of Cawaii Factory.


A coffee stand you can go to every day, just like in New York, Paris, London, or Berlin.

A bakery that makes artisan bread using a rebellious traditional method.

Using 100% domestic wheat, home-grown fermented levain, and of course, no additives.


Bread made in a factory is made with a lot of additives to make it look like bread, but I decided to make it in a way that is the opposite of that.

In other words, to make bread using only the minimum number of ingredients. I have continued to spin this reckless dream, and I am still working hard to bring you the bread that I make every day from seeds, kneaded dough, and baked bread, along with delicious coffee.

In the online store, the sales area is limited to Japan, and the freshly made bread is sent directly from our oven. We also deliver coffee beans, cheeses from Yoshida Farm, and rare organic olive oil from Italy.



 Live deeply. Now is the time to live well.

We believe that the key word for a new lifestyle is "live deeply.


In this age of change, we need to nourish our hearts, our minds, and our bodies to take care of ourselves and our surroundings.


That is what an elegant life is all about. 



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