True Ring new book "satoshi hirose" VABF special project

1Truling is participating as an exhibitor at the VIRTUAL ART BOOK FAIR, which is being held from November 16 (Mon.) to 23 (Mon., holiday).


This year's TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR is being held online to prevent the spread of COVID-19. There will be many events such as exhibitions and autograph sessions. This is a fair that you can enjoy slowly from the weekend to the holidays.

During the fair period, customers who purchase this year's new book "atoshi hirose" will be invited to the "Tomoo Hirose Mail Project 016 VABF Special Version" as a small gift with the cooperation of the author, Mr. Hirose.


The Mail Project is a project that Tomoo Hirose has been working on since 1997 to rethink new communication and relationships between artists and viewers of their works. Participants get blank postcards at the exhibition site and post them in the original mailboxes, which are then returned from Italy with Hirose's signature and message after the exhibition.


This will be a special version of the online book fair.


The way to participate is simple. All you have to do is fill in the address on the postcard (you can also add a message) and send it back to us. The company will send the card to Mr. Hirose in Italy.


The postcard is accompanied by a message and signature, and is usually returned from Italy within six months. It arrives when you forget about it. It's this small, happy feeling that is wonderful. During this period, customers who do not come through VABF are also invited. We hope you will join us.